Set Your Lawn Up for Success this Fall with Aeration, Seeding, and Lawn Composting

Now that summer is just about over, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for fall. Most lawns here in Maryland are made up of cool-season grasses. The thing about cool-season grasses is that fall is a very important time of year for them. Fall is when cool-season grasses have a burst of growth, especially root-growth. The grass is preparing itself for the frigid winter ahead. Early fall is the best time to help your lawn prepare for winter with fall lawn care services like aeration, seeding, and lawn composting.


Aerating your lawn is one of the best things you can do for your turf all year. It’s best to aerate in the spring or fall when your grass is growing. Avoid aeration in the summer, while your lawn may be dormant.

Lawn aeration is the process of pulling plugs of soil out of your lawn and redistributing them across the grass. This alleviates soil compaction, giving your growing grass roots the space they need to spread out. It also allows for a better flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients down to the roots. On top of all that, the soil plugs that were left on the surface will break down and add more nutrients back to your grass.

This fall lawn care service is essential to giving your lawn the boost it needs to thrive this fall. You’ll be setting your lawn up with a healthy foundation to start the year out right next spring. Ultimately, lawn aeration leads to a healthier, fuller, more beautiful lawn.


Another service to give your lawn a boost this fall is seeding. Seeding a lawn with cool-season grass is best done in the fall. The cooler days along with the still-warm nights of early fall make the perfect environment for new seeds to grow.

Seeding, or overseeding, is the process of putting down seed on an already-established lawn. This service is meant to help fill in bare spots or to thicken up your lawn. With overseeding services, you’ll be able to restore overstressed areas of your lawn and increase the density of your turf.

Seeding is best done in the early fall, while your grass is vigorously growing. Aftercare for this service includes:

  • Watering: Make sure you water your lawn daily for 2-3 weeks. This promotes germination and helps establish the roots. Water once in the morning for 15 minutes to maintain moisture for the newly germinating seeds. Adjust to hotter days or rainy days accordingly. Continue watering after 2-3 weeks to avoid any stress.
  • Mowing: You can resume mowing as needed. Avoid mowing on days 10-14 as the seeds will begin germinating around this time. Make sure you always mow with sharp blades and keep it at a minimum height of 4”. Avoid cutting your grass when it’s wet and remove any excess grass clippings.
  • Fertilizing: Once established, your new lawn will need nutrients and regular care to keep it green and healthy. Our 6 Step Green Care Lawn Program will take your lawn to the next level.

Lawn Composting/Top Dressing

The final step in your early fall lawn care is lawn composting. Adding a layer of nutrients to your lawn, after aeration and seeding, is the cherry on top of your lawn care efforts.

Lawn Composting, or top dressing, works by adding a layer of organic material to the top of your lawn. Within a few short weeks, the organic material settles into the soil, adding valuable nutrients to your soil. This helps create a healthy foundation for your grass to grow.

Beneficial bacteria and microorganisms enrich your soil, ensuring your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs, and then some. Adding this organic matter helps enhance your lawn’s environment and allows for better absorption of fertilizer, water, and micronutrients. In the end, you’ll have a greener, thicker, healthier lawn that’s even easier to maintain.

Here at On The Green Inc., we use ORGRO® High Organic Compost to give you the premium results that you and your lawn deserve.

Call in the Professionals

On The Green, Inc. is here to help with all of your lawn care needs. From aeration and seeding to lawn composting, we have the services to help set your lawn up for success.

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