Make Your Property Less Attractive to Mosquitoes

Nothing is more annoying than sitting in your yard on a quiet summer evening, enjoying a drink or a nice meal, only to have it interrupted by a buzzing. To top it off, you might feel a sudden sting on your arm or leg, realizing you’ve fallen victim to a real-life vampire. You are going to need to know how to get rid of mosquitoes and keep them off your property!

Mosquitoes not only are a bother, but they can also carry quite a few dangerous diseases like West Nile virus. Most people find these pests unpleasant enough they invest in sprays, candles, and even electronic devices to protect against invasions. An even more useful measure is to make your property less attractive to mosquitoes, and On the Green, Inc. wants to teach you how.

Eliminate as much standing water around your property as possible

Mosquitoes use standing water as breeding grounds, so this is the quickest way to control the population. You might not realize that empty pots, buckets, children’s toys, etc. are catching sprinkler or rainwater. Tighten all tarps covering grills, boats, etc. Debris is rain gutters can create standing water, so clean them out and test the gutters to ensure they drain properly.

Get rid of corrugated rainspout extenders

Smooth drain pipes are much better since they don’t retain some of the rainwater like the corrugated extenders, which are favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Place pantyhose over the end of the drain pipes and keep it in place with a rubber band, ensuring mosquitoes don’t get inside to lay eggs.

Empty standing water and refill it

If you have a birdbath, pet water bowl, or something else that you want to keep water in, once a week you need to empty it completely and scrub out any mosquito eggs clinging to the sides. Then, refill it with fresh water.

Invest in some fish

If you have a pond, rain barrels, or other areas of standing water you can’t drain each week, put goldfish or mosquito fish in them. These creatures will feed on the mosquitos, naturally keeping the population in check. If that’s not an option, use mosquito dunks that contain Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt).

Use outdoor fans

Position fans in your outdoor living spaces, like patios, decks, porches, etc. When you spend time outside, run the fans to keep the air circulating, discouraging mosquitoes from flying there.

Be friendly to their hunters

Don’t try to eliminate spiders, bats, birds, and fish from your property. These and other creatures are natural predators for mosquitoes, so you want them around to avoid infestations.

Keep all screens in good repair

If you can’t repair tears in screens for exterior doors or windows, replace them immediately. This will keep the mosquitoes from taking up residence in your house.

Plants don’t help

Despite what you might have heard, there are no plants that have been proven effective at keeping mosquitoes away.

For professional help with a mosquito infestation, contact On The Green, Inc.

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