Lawn Treatments Experts in Severn MD On Post-Overseeding Don’ts

The last time we met, we talked about overseeding the lawn to restore it to last year’s health and beauty. As we all know, overseeding has more than just an aesthetic purpose. We reseed our landscapes in spring and fall to keep weeds at bay, enhance our properties’ value, and create balanced micro-ecosystems that thrive in harmony. For this reason, it is crucial to succeed in our effort and avoid any post-overseeding mistakes. Our experts in lawn treatments in Severn MD, are here today to offer you a few don’ts to consider after you overseeded the lawn.

1. Don’t Trample the Lawn

After overseeding, seeds and seedlings are particularly vulnerable to any trauma, so you should avoid any foot or car traffic for a couple of weeks. It all depends on the weather, turf varieties you overseeded, and other conditions, but you should wait up to 3-4 weeks before crossing the lawn or allowing kids and pets to play there. Our lawn treatments service providers in Severn MD, recommend you wait for the seedlings to turn into resilient turf before trampling all over the lawn.

2. Don’t Use Chemicals for Lawn Treatments

We know and understand: together with the seedlings, weeds will grow and fight to take over. As much temptation you feel to start treating seasonal weeds with chemicals, refrain from any such activity. Talk to our lawn treatments company in Severn MD, about alternative methods to keep weeds at bay until the new grasses grow strong enough to withstand the harshness of fertilizers and herbicides. The same goes for insecticides and pest control. Please avoid using any chemical or substance that could harm or kill the seedlings before they grow roots and strong blades.

3. Don’t Mow Just Yet

It is difficult to manage an overseeded lawn, but it is better to allow it some overgrowth than stump its development in its tracks. Concerning mowing, our lawn treatments contractor in Severn MD, recommends you wait until the turf you just reseeded reaches its recommended mowing height. It might happen sooner than you expect, so keep an eye on it. Always ask for our technicians’ help with this task. Too early or too late a mow, and you might cause some lawn damages that will be hard to fix later.

Our experts in lawn treatments in Severn MD, are here for you with anything you want, from the overseeding task itself to creating a year-long property maintenance plan. Ask them for their advice and support, as reseeded lawns need daily watering and plenty of care!

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