Bermuda Grass: How to Control It

Bermuda Grass: How to Control It on the green inc

Bermuda grass is one of the most common challenges homeowners face when caring for their lawn.

Bermuda grass is a common grass that is often considered an invasive weed. Because it can grow in poor soil and endure harsh weather conditions, it is a popular lawn cover in dry, arid areas with high temperatures during spring and summer. Due to its extensive root system and persistent nature, Bermuda grass is one of the most common challenges homeowners face when caring for their lawn. Here are some tips for controlling the spread of Bermuda grass on your property.

What is Bermuda Grass?

Bermudagrass is one of the most popular varieties of warm-season turfgrass. You can find bermudagrass in various settings, including home lawns, bank stabilization, and recreational and sports turfs, such as golf courses, parks, and school grounds. Bermuda grass is ideal for homeowners with active families looking for a lawn that withstands frequent foot traffic and can recover well from damage. 

Should You Get Rid of Bermuda Grass?

Due to many of its benefits, Bermuda grass is primarily used in Maryland for athletic turf.

These athletic fields feature a blue/green color and coarse texture that is very different from residential lawns. Maintaining a Bermuda field is extensive and requires consecutive fertilizer applications and unique treatments to maintain its health. However, Bermuda grass has become invasive for homeowners, and many find it hard or even impossible to remove.

The plant’s resistance to heat, drought, and foot traffic makes it difficult to control in areas with already planted species that you don’t want to be damaged or overrun. 

About Our Bermuda Control Services

In the past, a common practice meant treating infested areas with a herbicide and stripping the area of all surface grasses. After this process, heavy re-seeding and compost become mandatory to start a new lawn. Unfortunately, this method is both labor-intensive and expensive. Also, due to root fibers surviving, the repaired areas would regrow Bermuda within two years, requiring you to repeat the entire process.

However, On The Green, Inc. has developed a process of using a combination of selective herbicides and special oil additives. When mixed, treatment will suppress Bermuda grass without causing stress to a Tall Fescue Lawn. Homeowners will notice the suppression in the initial bleaching and the die-back of live plant tissue above the soil. 

Our Bermuda Control Program includes four annual applications, one in spring and three during the active growth season. When continued every year, these applications reach 100% success levels. This Bermuda control service allows us to effectively remove Bermuda grass from Tall Fescue lawns with minimal labor and long-lasting effects.

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