Benefits of Organic-Based Lawn Care

You’re likely familiar with organic produce and even packaged organic foods at the grocery store. That’s why to some, the thought of organic-based lawn care seems strange. The fact is you stand to gain quite a few compelling benefits by taking this approach to your grass.

Lawn Health and Composting

If you think about it, grassy fields in the wilderness grow and stay perfectly healthy. Organic-based lawn care can actually make your grass stronger and more vibrant than ever, just by taking a natural approach.

Our program provides the kinds of nutrients your lawn needs to be sustainable. That means fertilizer that promotes microorganism and fungi growth in the soil, which provide ongoing nutrition for the lawn. You’ll notice a difference after one season of switching to this method:

  • Your lawn won’t require as much watering
  • It will resist disease and extreme temperature shifts better
  • There will be fewer weeds, and the lawn will be fuller

In other words, your lawn will be healthy and attractive, plus require less maintenance. You can’t ask for more!

Getting rid of weeds and insects

Lawn insects can cause harm to the grass as well as pets and people. Weeds take away from the appearance of the lawn and compete for open space. Both of these problems require the use of weed control and insecticides to effectively control. Our goal is to target these problems with safe and effective products without negative impacts on the environment. Our organic-based lawn treatments include elements that will keep away those sorts of pests, without harming the stuff you want to keep around.

Environmental Impact

What you do in your yard impacts the surrounding environment, including wildlife areas and waterways. The use of fertilizers is closely monitored with limited Nitrogen and Phosphorus that if applied in excess can cause damage. On The Green, Inc. is a certified Fertilizer Applicator by the Maryland Department of Agriculture and uses strict guidelines to achieve the best possible results without overdoing the job. The Organic component of our program reduces the need of synthetic fertilizers and in return protects the environment.

With On The Green, Inc.’s organic-based lawn care program, you can feel good about how you’re taking care of your yard. Contact us today and set up an appointment.

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