4 Tips for Winter Pest Control

4 Tips for Winter Pest Control on the green inc

Controlling pests in the winter doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated, or expensive.

Now that we are well into the cold season, pests will be motivated to look for a warm hiding spot during the winter. Some homeowners believe pest control isn’t needed throughout the winter. On the contrary, the need is often increased and necessary as pests move inside to avoid the cold weather. Controlling pests in the winter doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated, or expensive. Also, if you are proactive with your pest control measures in the winter, you will have fewer insect or rodent problems in the springtime. Keep reading for tips on controlling pests in the winter.

Winterize Your Home

Mice and rats are more likely to invade your home in search of food during winter. Clean up your kitchen and ensure food is stored in sealed containers to keep cockroaches away. Cockroaches and termites love moisture, so fixing any leaking pipes and clogged drains is important. Pay extra attention to kitchens and bathrooms, as these areas are especially vulnerable to cockroach infestations. If moisture is a continuing issue, consider adding a dehumidifier in any problem area. If there’s a leak of some kind resulting in standing water, you’ll likely need to deal with the source of the problem. 

Seal Cracks and Openings

Winterizing your home can go a long way toward keeping out pests and rodents. You will also cut down on energy costs by eliminating points of entry for cold air. Go around the outside of your home and check for openings around windows and doors. Seal any cracks or gaps larger than a quarter of an inch. Small pests like cockroaches, mice, and rats can fit through tiny spaces.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

In addition to sealing your home’s exterior, ensure that your roof and gutters are free of cracks and crevices. These are great places for bugs and rodents to hide in until the warmer months come along. If necessary, don’t hesitate to call professional reinforcements to eliminate pests. Sure, it is an investment, but it will save you even more in the long run.

Contact On The Green, Inc for Pest Control Services

If you suspect you have a pest infestation, hire a professional pest control company. On The Green, Inc. offers an industry-leading guarantee and free service follow-up treatments for active insects between scheduled maintenance visits. Now is the perfect time to prepare for those winter pests, so don’t wait. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and treatment to ensure your home is pest-free for the winter.

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