4 Considerations When Seeding Your Lawn This Fall

4 Considerations When Seeding Your Lawn This Fall on the green inc

Overseeding is a great way to freshen up the yard and give it a much-needed renovation.

Many homeowners want the perfect lawn, but maintaining grass health is so difficult that few lawns reach their full potential. Most people simply accept that they will have weedy and thin patches on their properties no matter what. But what if it did not have to be that way? You can actually add grass to your lawn through a process called overseeding. Overseeding is a great way to freshen up the yard and give it a much-needed renovation. If you are planning on overseeding your lawn this fall, here are some things to consider.

Ensure the Seed Reaches the Soil

To get good results with any lawn seeding project, the seed must be in contact with the soil. If the seed is simply sprinkled on the surface of a lawn with an excessive thatch layer, the seed may germinate, but the tiny roots will never make it to the soil and will die during the first hot, dry season. Your grass seed must have good seed-to-soil contact.

Choose the Right Seed

Choosing a blend suited to your climate is important—from drought to shade tolerance. Select what your lawn needs. Here are some tips for choosing the right seed blend:

  • Avoid saving money on grass seed.
  • Buy the best seed for the environmental conditions in your area.
  • A variety of grass seed species results in good biodiversity within the lawn.
  • Good biodiversity results in a lawn better able to tolerate environmental stresses.
  • Use certified seed selected to address specific disease or insect resistance and environmental factors like shade or drought.

Mow Your Lawn

Adjust your mower blade so your grass remains at 3.5 to 4 inches. This helps make it easier for seeds to reach the soil. In most cases, you can recycle the clippings as usual. But if your grass clippings are large enough to prevent seeds from reaching the soil, rake and bag them along with any excessive thatch or debris in the lawn.

Keep the Soil Hydrated

A newly seeded lawn needs to be watered daily to ensure good establishment. The newly germinated seeds have tiny, shallow roots and will die quickly if the water supply runs out. About 1 cm of water daily is all that is required. Avoid heavy irrigation, as this can result in water pooling, erosion, and leaching of valuable nutrients below the root zone. It all depends on your climate. Maryland weather conditions can vary dramatically, so keep an eye on the forecast and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

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