Spring Seeding – Is Spring the Best Time to Seed?

Most homeowners only think of seeding their lawn when it’s new, or they want to start fresh. But seeding is also valuable for restoring the grass on your property. It just depends on when you do so. Planting grass seed at the proper time of year is an excellent way to ensure your yard flourishes. Is spring a good time to seed your lawn? On The Green, Inc is here to help you answer that question and make sure your property looks beautiful this season.

Check the Health of Your Lawn

When your grass starts to show signs of deterioration, that doesn’t always mean it’s time to reseed. First, you should check your watering to ensure the grass is well hydrated and look for any signs of pests, fungus, or weeds that could be harming your lawn. If the grass is growing thin and dull, however, reseeding improves the quality of the turf. Bare patches caused by use or wear can also be reseeded to recover.

Can You Seed Your Lawn in the Spring?

The short answer is yes, but some complications come with seeding in the springtime. Technically, early fall is the best time to seed your lawn in Maryland. This is because the temperatures begin to cool, so lawn seeds have a greater chance to germinate before winter. During the fall and winter, the seeds can store enough energy for proper growth in the spring

Problems with Spring Seeding

Grass seed needs warm soil temperatures, cooler nights, and moisture to grow properly. Unfortunately, seeding in springtime means summer is right around the corner. And the intense heat of summer makes it very difficult for your lawn to thrive. Another potential problem of springtime seeding is that weeds also pop up this time of year. The newly planted seeds will have to compete with the sprouting weeds because they aren’t strong enough to keep weeds from sneaking in.

When to Plant Grass Seed in the Spring

While fall is usually better, April would be the best time to seed your lawn if your heart is set on springtime. Cool-season grasses and warm-season grasses thrive in different weather conditions. In Maryland, where the temperatures are cooler, and there is frequent rainfall, cool-season grasses tend to fair better. Even if the weather is perfect around April, you may run into some issues come summertime. The summer heat could slow or completely stop the growth of cool-season grasses.

Tips for Spring Seeding

No matter when you seed your lawn, there are ways to make it easier and increase your chances of a lush lawn:

Rake and dethatch the yard to debris that could prevent the seeds from reaching the soil.
Avoid applying crab grass preventer or pre-emergent. This will prevent the seed from germinating.
Treat the lawn appropriately with a suitable starter fertilizer or compost to provide nutrition for the seeds.
Keep the seeds hydrated with appropriate watering.

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