Pest Removal & Infestation

On The Green, Inc. offers our Pest Removal or Infestation Service to help homeowners deal with various unwelcome guests in their homes or on their property. We have decades of experience in strategically removing pests. Let our Certified Experts determine the best options to solve any of the following pest problems:

Rodents – Moles

Did you know that according to the CDC, Mice, and Rats can spread over 35 diseases to humans? Yuck! Our Rodent-Mole Control service offers a variety of strategically implemented solutions to deal with any quantity or type of rodent. On The Green, Inc. provides a Rodent-Mole Control program that includes a multi-step process to treat, trap, and prevent those pesky rodents from intruding on your property.

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Here’s a disturbing fact: cockroaches can run up to three miles per hour and live for a week without their head! Considering the indestructible nature of the roach, it takes great skills to remove an infestation. Control methods are only effective when you identify the type of roach, understand its biology and life cycle and deploy control tactics that will effectively control this persistent pest.

Paper Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets present a stinging problem when in or around the home. On The Green, Inc. can quietly and safely remove nesting insects that present a safety hazard to humans and pets.

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Snake Control

If you've ever been startled by a snake on your property, you know how this experience can be so unpleasant Maryland is home to nearly 27 species of snakes, of which two are poisonous: the Copperhead and Timber Rattlesnake. Snakes can be beneficial in controlling rodents, but they are not wanted around the home and your backyard. Our control methods use a combination of eliminating favorable conditions, removal, or installing traps and repellents.

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Deer Guard

The White-tailed Deer is a beautiful animal from the Cervidae family that inhabits all areas in the United States. Extremely high populations result in a food shortage, and they will be found in the evening hours feasting on nearby landscapes. We offer commercial-grade repellents to protect your lawn and garden effectively.

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Goose Control

Geese can make a mess of a beautiful lawn from droppings and chewing off grass stems during feeding. As federally protected animals, we all must use safe methods of control. On The Green, Inc. utilizes a fantastic goose control product you must see to believe. Treated lawns will be free of geese, feces, and damage.

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Other Pests

Is something inhabiting an unwanted space in your home or property, and you are unsure what it is or what risk it might pose to your home? Give On The Green, Inc. a call, and we can assess the
problem, identify the pest, and provide practical solutions.

Find the information you need? Then fill out our Free Estimate form and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your lawn care needs. Still have questions? Feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to answer any concerns you may have. For Fastest Service, give On The Green a call at 410-695-0444.