A beautiful lawn is a source of pride and enjoyment.

At On The Green, Inc. we customize each program to meet the specific needs of your property according to the turf type, current weather patterns, sun exposure and disease history.

Your lawn will be inspected at each visit to ensure it remains healthy and pest free.

Allow us to provide you with the lawn you deserve.

Our Guarantee

We offer an industry leading guarantee – We also share with you the same high expectations for your lawn.

All of our services are guaranteed to give professional results and include top-rated products.  Our goal is 100% satisfaction or we will come back and make it perfect.  That’s our promise to you.

On The Green offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Green Care Lawn Program

Our organic-based, six-step Green Care Lawn Program uses organic fertilizers, poly-coated slow-release products, and liquid weed controls to guarantee you the thickest, greenest, healthiest lawn possible!


I. Pre-Emergent Weed Control with Fertilizer (March-April)

Early-season weed control to prevent germination of annual weeds. Organic fertilizer to promote color and density.


II. Spring Fertilizer and Weed Control Sprays (May-June)

A second pre-emergent weed control is applied to stop Maryland’s pesky weeds from popping up again later in the summer. We also apply fertilizer at this time to nurture your lawn, promoting its balance and health.


III. Summer Fertilizer (June-July)

Fertilizer application that maintains the color and density of your lawn by ensuring a strong root system through the harsh summer months.

*Optional Surface Insect and Grub Preventative available at this time.


IV. Fall Fertilizer (August-October)

Promotes root growth of existing and seeded lawns.

Aerating and seeding available at this time. (No need to worry—Our weed-control products don’t harm germinating Tall Fescue seed!)


V. Winter Fertilizer (October-November)

High-Nitrogen winter fertilizer application maximizes the dark-green color throughout the winter and promotes thatch composting for a healthier lawn next year!


VI. Annual Lime Application (Anytime between Steps 3-5)

Neutralizes pH and maximizes the uptake of nutrients.

During the free consultation, our trained and certified technicians will identify the specific needs of your property and plan a custom fertilization program tailored just for you. They’ll also address important maintenance aspects of your unique property, such as mowing practices, soil quality, irrigation practices, shade exposure, and more. Our comprehensive approach provides a fresh start that will exceed your expectations!

Our program also includes the control of Nutsedge and Crabgrass at no extra charge!

*Spot-spraying for weeds is done at each step.

*As we identify problems in the soil, we have the option to send soil samples to be analyzed for a deeper understanding of your lawn.

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Surface Insect and Grub Preventative

Our Surface Insect and Grub Preventative kills, web worms, grubs and surface feeding insects like fleas and ticks. We use only use industry top-rated, low-toxicity insecticides to minimize the possibility of environmental damage when treating your property.

grub icon

These nuisance pests feed on the roots of plants, damaging the health of your lawn. Populations can develop to high numbers very quickly. Our Grub Control application provides long-lasting control with guaranteed results.

tick icon

Ticks pose a danger to you and your family. They carry, among other diseases, Lyme. Ticks like cooler, shaded areas, such as tall grass and leaf litter. You should perform a tick check every time you come in contact with thick vegetation. A tick check is running your hands over your body to check for small bumps. (Tick pupae are the size of a poppy seed and hardly visible to the naked eye.)
Learn more about our flea and tick control service.

flea icon

No one wants to deal with fleas. These pests can lay dormant in the soil for up to 100 days before sensing a host is nearby and springing into action!
Learn more about our flea and tick control service.

Cooper the Core

Core Aeration & Seeding

Aerating & seeding can breathe life back into your yard!

Learn about all of the benefits and how it makes your lawn super green and healthy.

Bermuda Control Program

Bermuda Grass is a warm season turfgrass primarily known for its dense growth, tolerance of low mowing and ability to quickly recover from damage. Due to many of these benefits it has been frequently used as Athletic turf in Maryland. Bermuda Athletic fields are easily spotted for their blue/green color and coarse texture that is very different from lawns in our area. The maintenance of Bermuda Fields is usually extensive requiring consecutive fertilizer applications and special treatments to maintain its health and vigor.

In Maryland, Bermuda grass is first noticed for its brown color in the winter months. It has become common in residential lawns, commercial lawns, fields, and rights-of-ways. The spread of Bermuda grass is mostly attributed to seeds carried by wildlife or transported soil containing live roots or seed. The combination of the desirable turf and Bermuda becomes a battle of dominance in the lawn. Many people find the texture variation does not affect the appearance of the lawn. However, many feel the texture and color differences are unappealing and diminish the turf quality.

As Bermuda Grass is a turfgrass it has the same growth properties as other desirable turf grasses and cannot be treated with a selective weed control that will not also damage the desirable grass.

Common practice in past years would be to treat infested areas with a broad-spectrum herbicide (kills everything green) and strip the area of all surface grass. After this process, heavy re-seeding and compost would be required to start a new lawn. Unfortunately, this method is both labor intensive and costly. In addition, due to small root fibers surviving, the repaired areas would regrow Bermuda within two years requiring the entire process to start over! The high cost of repair and the need to repeat frustrated homeowners and prevented lawns from maturing to a point of developed roots and good density.

On The Green, Inc. has developed a process of utilizing a combination of selective herbicides and special oil additive when mixed together will “suppress” Bermuda Grass without causing stress to a Tall Fescue Lawn. The suppression is noted in initial bleaching and then die back of live plant tissue above the soil. This application requires four annual applications. One in spring and three during the active growth season. These applications have been found to be nearly 100% successful when continued every year. This service allows us to effectively remove Bermuda Grass from Tall Fescue lawns with minimal labor and long-lasting effects.

The result is a pure uniform Tall Fescue lawn.

Lawn Fertilization

The success of our fertilization program starts with a few key ingredients:

top-rated organic-based fertilizers, certified seed cultivars, and industry certified technicians.

Our fertilizer is designed to provide a slow-releasing and long-lasting source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to immediately increase the soil fertility for an extended period of time. Nitrogen promotes growth, Phosphorus promotes healthy roots, and Potassium helps build resistance to disease while promoting overall health. In addition to these macro-nutrients our products include essential micro-nutrients like magnesium.

  • Our five custom grass fertilization treatments guarantee the exact amount of needed nutrients for optimal results.
  • Every service we perform includes industry Top-Rated Products including poly-coated slow-release fertilizers, organics, and certified seed cultivars.
  • We are a Certified Pesticide and Professional Fertilizer Applicator by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.
  • All services and products are customized according to the latest recommendations of the University of Maryland IPM reports and seasonal weather patterns.

Weed Control

Our certified professionals will take the time to walk the property and treat weeds with each visit. Spot treatment with every service takes time and attention, however, it reduces the potential for weeds to spread and regenerate in future seasons. Our focus is to keep your lawn weed-free and guarantee success.

Keep dandelions away with On The Green's lawn care services!