Give the Gift of a Green Care Lawn Program for a Greener, Healthier Lawn

During this holiday season, give someone you care about the gift of a greener, healthier lawn. Here at On The Green Inc., we believe that a lawn care program is one of the best holiday gifts to give someone who loves their lawn. With the gift of our organic-based Green Care Lawn Program, you’ll be giving the gift of a stress-free year to just sit back and enjoy a beautiful, healthy, greener lawn.

A Personalized Fertilization Plan for a Unique Lawn

Every Green Care Lawn Program begins with a free consultation from one of our certified technicians. At this step, we’ll identify the unique needs of that specific lawn. From there, we’ll be able to create a personalized fertilization plan to give the lawn the best possible care. On top of that, we’ll go over maintenance tips to compliment the lawn care program. Proper mowing, improved soil quality, and proper irrigation are just a few of the ways the homeowner can boost the lawn care program.

Meeting the Lawn’s Seasonal Needs

Throughout the year, every lawn will require different things depending on the season. Here at On The Green Inc., we understand the seasonal needs of a lawn and designed our organic-based Green Care Lawn Program with that in mind.

Starting the year off right, we provide an early-spring treatment of our organic-based fertilizer to boost color and help the lawn wake up out of its winter dormancy. We follow this up with another application in the spring to promote healthy growth. Our summer application encourages strong root growth to help the lawn withstand the stresses of summer. Around this time, we treat the lawn with lime. This neutralizes the pH and helps encourage nutrient absorption, maximizing the effects of the lawn care program. In the fall, we continue to encourage root growth with another perfectly-timed application. Finally, we finish the year strong with a late-fall application to winterize the lawn. This will set the lawn up for a healthy start to the next year.

Consistent and Thorough Weed Control

A healthy lawn is no place for a weed. With our Green Care Lawn Care Program, we provide timely applications of weed control to ensure the lawn remains weed-free all year. We begin with pre-emergent applications in the spring to prevent weeds from sprouting. This helps start the year off right and makes weed control that much easier throughout the year. With every application, our certified technician will walk the entire property, spot-treating for any weeds that have sprouted. We take our weed control seriously and will work hard to keep the lawn weed-free and beautiful.

The Best Holiday Gift for a Lawn Lover

If you have a lawn lover on your holiday list, then give the gift of a Green Care Lawn Program from On The Green Inc. With a personalized fertilization plan, seasonal treatments, and consistent weed control, you’re giving the gift of a greener lawn. Call now and receive 10% off your friend’s or relative’s Green Care Lawn Program. To reward your generosity, we’ll give you $50.00 toward your own services.

Give us a call at (410) 695-0444 or contact us here. If you’re looking for the best tips on lawn care, pest control, tree &a,p; shrub care, irrigation, and more, check out our blog. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date holiday deals and news.

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