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Our team is proud to fulfill your core aeration and seeding services. Let’s go over the basics of core aeration and seeding.

Every lawn is different, and they need tailored interventions to ensure they remain healthy. While many homeowners take pleasure in caring for their properties, you need professional lawn treatments to have a successful yard year after year. Our core aeration and seeding services in Bowie, MD, are just one unique way we treat each property. We personalize our interventions depending on the health and needs of your lawn. Whether you need lawn care, seeding services, or anything else to have a beautiful yard, On the Green Inc. is here to help! Our team is proud to fulfill your core aeration and seeding services. Let’s go over the basics of core aeration and seeding.

On The Green, Inc is a Local Business

Large lawn care corporations often overlook smaller residential communities like Bowie and do not give residents the individualized services they deserve. On The Green, Inc is a local Maryland business dedicated to personalizing our lawn care services to best fit your needs. We cover residential and commercial properties across the Maryland area. Our years of local experience give us an edge against larger competitors. In addition to lawn care and tree and shrub care, consider core aeration and seeding services as an integral part of improving your landscape.

Benefits of Core Aeration 

When soil is compacted, the grass can not develop a healthy root system, and water and nutrients can not reach the roots. Core aeration removes small cores or plugs of soil to improve the depth of the root system and, as a result, saves you money on your water bills. Aeration also helps reduce thatch accumulation, preventing water, fertilizer, and pesticides from being effective. The process helps to combine the soil with the thatch debris, making it easier for the soil organisms to break down the thatch and prevent accumulation.

How to Tell When You Need Aeration and Seeding Services

The renewal process of core aeration and seeding helps rejuvenate your lawn to the lush yard it once was. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be a good idea to schedule aeration and seeding services:

  • Puddles- Puddles can be a sign of compacted soil. The more compacted the ground, the less likely the roots will get the nutrients it needs.
  • Patchy areas- Patches in your yard can indicate that you should seed your lawn.
  • Discoloration- Yellow and brown grass is a warning sign of soil compaction.
  • Thinning grass- Bald patches and slow growth may indicate that the roots cannot get the proper nutrients or absorb water.

On The Green Lawn Care is Here for You! 

On The Green, Inc. was established back in 1994. We started as a small business that served the local area. In the decades since, we’ve expanded tremendously. Incorporated in 1997, our brand has become renowned throughout the state of Maryland.  Email us at [email protected] or call us at 410-695-0444.  Grow with us on Facebook and Google!

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"On The Green has changed the appearance of my house! My lawn is GREEN, full and no weeds, and they are always available whenever I have a question. My neighbors are always asking how my lawn looks so good! I highly recommend them!"

— Adam J. Itzel ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On the Green was the only lawn service to properly diagnosis a fungus in our lawn. I had replaced the sod twice before on the suggestion of other companies. It always ended up dying and our yard always looked terrible in the front. Our lawn now looks thick, healthy and without weeds! It definitely is a standout in the neighborhood! Have been using On the Green with great success for about 3 years. Still happy with them! Highly recommend!!

— Michelle E. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Special Offers

Save Money Today! We frequently run specials on our packages and lawn care services. If you are looking for professional lawn care or pest control, but are on a tight budget, take a look at our specials and see what On The Green, Inc. can do for you!

  • $29.99 Lawn Care or Exterior Pest Control Application*

    * Up to 8K sq feet. New customers only. One discount per customer.

    Offer Does Not Expire.
  • 5% Discount for All Military

    * 5% Discount not valid with other promotions.

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You’re Unique… and your lawn care should be too

On The Green, Inc. knows that each lawn is unique, and each needs special treatment. Over the years, we developed an integrated lawn program that covers all your property’s needs including care and protection, no matter the season.

  • Our Mission

    We strive every day to offer each customer the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and customer care. Our commitment to our projects, high-quality services, and work ethics are what make On The Green, Inc., the informed consumer’s contractor of choice in Maryland.

  • Our Specialty

    The experts at On The Green, Inc. specialized in integrated services, ranging from fertilization,  pest management, insect and disease protection, and organic nutrition, among others, to maximize the health, safety, and thriving capabilities of your lawn, landscape, and home.

  • How We Work

    For us, every project is essential, no matter how big or small. We work hard to use our knowledge and expertise to produce an outstanding result every time. We start with a visit and a thorough discussion about what you want. Our experts make their recommendations, and we develop a plan for your property.

Maryland Lawn Care Service Areas

On The Green, Inc. offers an array of lawn care and pest control services to maximize the health and safety of lawns, landscapes and living areas for the residential and commercial properties we service in Maryland. We are proud to service customers in the following areas in Maryland:

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Why You Should Work with Us

  1. We are certified Pesticide and Professional Fertilizer Applicators licensed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

  2. Every service we perform includes industry Top-Rated Products including poly-coated slow-release fertilizers, organics, certified seed cultivars and safer pest control solutions.

  3. Guaranteed Results: We offer a friendly, professional service with guaranteed results!

  4. We are Industry Experts: We hold multiple Industry Certifications including Pest Control, Lawn Care, Tree and Shrub Care, Rodent Control, Structural Pest, Public Health, Right-of-Way and more.

  5. Custom Green Care and Pest Control: We are a local community business that succeeds by achieving outstanding results through a customized approach and attention to detail.

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