Goose Control: Being Prepared for the Spring Nesting Season

Chances are you have seen a flock of Canadian geese loitering around a pond or public park. Many people consider them to be a nuisance. They can be aggressive, create unsanitary conditions, and destroy property at an alarming rate. Their numbers have grown incredibly over the last few decades, and they are becoming a widespread problem in urban and suburban areas. So, it is critical to be proactive and begin planning your goose control method before the spring season. Keep reading for more tips on goose control and how to prepare for the spring nesting season.

When do Geese Lay Their Eggs?

Canada geese begin looking for nesting areas between February and March. If you want to keep geese off your property, you should start preparing in early January. Geese prefer to build their nests near water surrounded by mowed grass and often revisit areas where they have nested previously. Well-maintained lawns provide geese with food and a clear field of view to spot predators. Flocks of geese are commonly found in areas such as:

  • Office Parks
  • Athletic fields
  • Colleges and universities
  • Public and private schools
  • Shopping areas
  • Cemeteries
  • Campgrounds
  • Waterfront Properties

What Kind of Damage do Geese Cause?

Geese can damage crops or other plants on your property by eating or trampling them. They are also known for littering the ground with their droppings. These unsightly droppings impact the aesthetics of suburban lawns, golf courses, parks, and playgrounds contributing to extensive maintenance costs each year. These birds can also be highly aggressive around people during nesting seasons. Geese have been known to charge at or strike anyone who gets too close to them or their eggs.

Choosing Effective Goose Control

Because time is the key factor in a successful goose control plan, being proactive is essential, especially early in the year before Canada Geese start mating and nesting on your property. Here at On The Green, Inc, we use Flight Control Plus pest control systems in our Goose Control services. Our advanced repellant technology is highly effective and works without harming humans, geese, or other wildlife. When geese ingest treated turf, they quickly learn to stop feeding on the affected turf and will look elsewhere for food.

Benefits of Flight Control Plus

Our humane and eco-friendly goose repellant is exceptionally persistent and works around the clock. It dramatically reduces geese droppings, eliminating sanitary and safety issues. Keeping geese off your property allows you to reclaim your outdoor space and make it usable again. And, you can rest easy knowing that no animals were harmed in the process. If you are ready to start the geese control process, On The Green, Inc is here to help! Reach out today to get started.

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