Our Lawn Renovation services are essential for optimal growth and a super green-lush lawn.

Cooper the Core

Core Aeration & Seeding

Aerating and seeding is an essential part of achieving and maintaining a thick and healthy lawn. Yard aeration reduces soil compaction, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the root system while promoting the flow of water. Overseeding fills in stressed areas and improves density.

Consider Core Aeration & Seeding if:

Fall is the best time to seed and repair summer stress. We use a Certified Tall Fescue seed that is top rated as a Category I  by the Virginia Cooperative Extension.  Our blends are the key ingredients to provide the best results possible for your lawn.

Lawn Composting / Top Dressing

Lawn Composting / Top Dressing after seeding adds organic nutrients to your soil improving the quality of the lawns foundation and adds beneficial bacteria and microorganisms essential in achieving professional results.

ORGRO® Premium Compost – A finely screened and uniform texture, high organic compost, ideally suited for use as a soil amendment, top dressing for turf and ornamentals or potting mix component.

ORGRO® High Organic Compost is a line of premium quality, organic soil conditioner, natural fertilizer and mulch products. ORGRO compost conditions the soil with increased organic matter, enabling increased water and nutrient retention for vigorous plant growth and is suitable for a variety of beneficial uses. ORGRO products are created by composting a mixture of exceptional quality bio-solids, wood chips, sawdust and carbon ash. Each ORGRO product is environmentally safe when used as directed and meets the highest level of State and Federal bio-solids quality standards.


  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • 1-1-0
  • Total Nitrogen 1%
  • < .25% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • > .75% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • Phosphate (P2O5) 1%
  • Potash (K2O) 0%

bag of compost

Annual Application is recommended at a rate of approximately ½ cubic yard per 1000 square feet of lawn.

Heavy Application of compost can be applied at a rate of 1 cubic yard per 1000 square feet of lawn. Higher rates of compost should not be applied more often than every other year to reduce the potential of over fertilizing.

Lawn composting or top dressing from On The Green improves the quality of your lawn's foundation.

Lawn composting or top dressing from On The Green can provide drastic positive results.